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Heyy!, here's my review:
the title looks kinda.. unprofessional, but it's alright.
the animation is choppy in some parts, but overall it's pretty nice.
the joke is also well fabricated.
could be better, but it's a nice little animation.

croxsibid responds:

Hey thanks for a the review I'm improving slowly and I made this animation several years back been wanting to put it on madness day but keep forgetting so I posted it anyways and I'm working on another animation I already have the entire story ready but I'm practicing before I actually start it it's going to be another parody animation in madness and after I'm finished then I'm going to get to the real animation I've been wanting to do but thanks for the review I really appreciate it I will definitely improve with time.

Beatiful,this is awesome,and hilarious :D

Alan Becker (The Original Creator) is The best,GOD He is so Good,Or i mean,AWESOME

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played the game.
got addicted to it.
got all the badges.
beatiful game, just, beatiful.

Really fun and nice game!
i like the cute and simple graphics, the animation, drawing, all that stuff!
the game has a very simplistic and cute gameplay
i also like the colour palette, it adds to the style of the game.
the jokes are pretty funny, atleast by MY standards lol.
overall, the game is very well made!.

and then he created project nexus
okay this is great!,really good skin creator,i remember playing with this,it's amazing,well done,you deserve my stars!

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i guess try practicing anatomy?, i don't really understand the drawing, but i'm pretty sure that's a person there

juicedrop responds:

Wow, this is the funniest response you gave me. You are one awesome dude

ermozo :O

Dankon responds:

Gracias Jezdaboii Dexjez xd

okay,i actually kinda like the design of the character,also,the head is too...squashed down,it needs to be vertical,look at madness combat for reference
the circle hands are pretty lazily made,practice drawing hands.
the feet are...weird,look at madness combat for reference
the background is too bland,look at the MC backgrounds,and use them for reference
anyways,that's my criticism

juicedrop responds:

hey, you did well on the criticism. i'm glad you thought I improved over Larry. man that one piece of artwork was weird.

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